Dec 3, 2012

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This Is an Experiment - Episode 50: Page 180 in Elizabeth Crane’s You Must Be This Happy to Enter

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve read most of this book. I explain why I haven’t read the entire thing yet. In the interest of further disclosure, I love Elizabeth Crane. I met her earlier this year at AWP and she was as delightful as her books are.

I picked up her first collection (When the Messenger Is Hot) on a whim back when I was a bookseller (long, long ago: 2003). I loved it so much, I gave it to a friend who I felt NEEDED to read it. I went years without a copy of WtMIH. Then I got another copy (which I still have). But before I did, I bought You Must Be This Happy to Enter. As mentioned in the video, I read most of it. And I loved it. I especially loved the story wherein the girl has words that appear written on her forehead. I love the people Crane invents. I love the crevices she makes to let her readers peer inside.


I love this page. I loved reading it aloud and, as soon as I was done recording it, I had to read the page that followed. I compulsively read Crane’s stories because they’re honest and compelling.

You should read them too. She has a new book out this year, We Only Know So Much. I think we should all read it together.

If you hold the book, I’ll turn the page.

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